Aquila Perla High Tension Classical String

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Price per unit: $30.00

Make: Aquila
Model: AQN-PH
Brand: Aquila

Aquila is proud to introduce the Bionylon®, the first eco-friendly synthetic string in the world. The first three strings are made of rounded, smooth Bionylon® monofilament - a new material discovered by Aquila- that also boasts excellent acoustic and mechanical properties. Bionylon® is 100% a plant™s derivate; this allows a reduction of more of 50% of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere during the polymer- synthesis than the other common Nylons employed for musical strings. The bass strings, wound with high quality- silver-plated copper, consist of a New Nylgut® multifilament core that ensures not only a high resistance to tensile stress but also a moisture low absorption. This allows a rapid and stable intonation under moisture changes

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